Guided tour of the cross-country ski trails

Guided tour of the cross-country ski trails. 2-8 people

We are happy to take tours of the ski route network for those who want to get to know the area. Both short trips can be made directly from Måsåplassen, but also longer trips such as Måsåplassen-Venabygdsfjellet along Trolløypa.

– Day tour (approximately 5 hours): NOK 1,290
– Half day trip (about 3 hours): NOK 890
– Shorter trip 1.5-2 hours: NOK 590

Cross-country skiing course:

– Private lesson of 60 minutes NOK 590
– Private lesson of 90 minutes NOK 790
– Extra person: NOK 200 per person (max. 6 persons per course)

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