Activities winter

Together with our partners we offer a range of activities to our guests that stay at Friisvegen Måsåplassen. The choice is all yours, we help you with the rest.

Dog sledding – Want to go for a ride?
You can experience driving your own dog team, after instructions from your guide.  

It is a very special feeling to meet the dogs, who will let you know that they are ready for the trip. The sound level is loud and the adrenaline is pumping – this is something they love more than anything else! The contrast is great when you have started and everything becomes quiet. The dogs trot along at a steady pace and you can enjoy the sound of paws against the snow, beautiful nature in all directions and feel winter closer than ever. Whether you drive or sit on the sled, this is a good winter memory to take home from the mountains.

There are several options in length of tours and starting points. Prices are on request. The tours are not organized by us and don’t start from Friisvegen, you need to travel by your own car or transport can be arranged.

Introduction to alpine ski touring on randonee ski or splitboard, from 2-12 people.
Here we go for a tour closeby in the area. There is no need for avalanche equipment on this tour. You should have some experience with alpine skiing or snowboarding in fresh snow from before to get most out of this experienceiking in the area, where no avalanche equipment is needed.

– Equipment is not included (approximately 4 hours): NOK 790
– Rental of a splitboard package. (boards/traps/poles): NOK 700 per day

Snowshoewalk (equipment included) 2-12 people
We take a leisurely walk in a quiet winter landscape and just enjoy being outside. Guaranteed beautiful views and a pleasant experience for all senses. Campfire with coffee. (about 3 hours): NOK 490.

Ice fishing (gear included) 2-6 people
We snowshoewalk the fishing water if it is not within walking distance. It is also possible to combine a mountain ski trip with ice fishing (hire of mountain skis is extra). This trip is both a great fishing experience, but also a beautiful nature experience. No fishing guarantee, but a great experience and campfire coffee. This is an activity without too much physical activity, so warm clothing is a “must”.

– Full-day tour (approximately 5 hours): NOK 1,490
– Half day trip (about 3 hours): NOK 1,190

Off-piste mountain ski tour 2-8 people
We use slightly wider skis than normal cross-country skis, so-called mountain skis, mainly outside the groomed ski slopes. This is a fantastic way to experience Ringebufjellet and we don’t have to go far off the beaten track to get a bit of the wilderness feel.

– Day tour (approximately 5 hours): NOK 1,290
– Half day tour (about 3 hours): NOK 890
– Mountain ski package rental (shoes, skis, poles): NOK 390 (extra day NOK 95)

Guided tour of the cross-country ski trails. 2-8 people
We are happy to take tours of the ski route network for those who want to get to know the area. Both short trips can be made directly from Måsåplassen, but also longer trips such as Måsåplassen-Venabygdsfjellet along Trolløypa.

– Day tour (approximately 5 hours): NOK 1,290
– Half day trip (about 3 hours): NOK 890
– Shorter trip 1.5-2 hours: NOK 590

Cross-country skiing course:
– Private lesson of 60 minutes NOK 590
– Private lesson of 90 minutes NOK 790
– Extra person: NOK 200 per person (max. 6 persons per course)

Activities summer

Fly fishing and rod fishing 2-12 people
– Day tour (approximately 5 hours): NOK 1,290
– Half day tour (about 3 hours): NOK 890

Trail cycling 2-12 people
– Day tour (approximately 5 hours): NOK 1,290
– Half day tour (about 3 hours): 890-
– Course 90 min: NOK 490
– Course 3 hours: NOK 890

Guided electric bike tours (gravel and tarmac) 2-18 people
– Rent bicycle for the whole day: NOK 600
– Half-day bicycle rental: NOK 400
– Day tour (about 5 hours): NOK 790
– Half day tour (about 3 hours): NOK 490

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