Hva skjer på Måsåplassen



Overnatting med frokostienkeltrom, konferanselokale med standard AV-utstyrog med fritilgangpåisvannogkaffe/te.

  •  1 kaffepauseipeisestova med kakeellerfruktfat
  •  2-retters lunsjog 3 rettersmiddag
  •  kr,- prpersidobbeltromogkr,- prpersienkeltrom

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Konferansepakke m/skiteknikkellersmørekurs
Som over men med 1-2 timers kursiskiteknikkellerskismørining.Kontaktoss for pris.

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Friisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen

Friisvegen 904,
2630, Ringebu, Norge
TLF: +47612 80 421
eller +47995 39 110

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Friisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen is a family runned place where the key aspects are personal service, traditions and flexibility. Beautiful Måsåplassen lies in the shade of the open mountains with fantastic view as far as the eye can see as a real fairytale. Except of the nature there is offered a wide range of activities which will make your stay memorable.



We are proud of the restaurant at Friisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen. We serve very good food with short-listed ingredients. Friisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen has the best products from Norwegian mountains.

You can see our menu here.




Friisvegen Måsåplassen can help you to find what you need- whether you want natural sightseeing, climbing up or skiing down, walking slow or running fast, there's a good chance you'll find what you're after.



Here you find a full assorted supermarket with low prices and personal service. Do it easy and make your shopping after arrival to the cabin. Do not waste time and space to bring your products thousand of kilometers. In the basement there is a separate shop with different equipment for camping, cabins, sport clothes and other sport equipment.



Enjoy a wooden steamed sauna at Friisvegen Turistsenter Måsåplassen! Our sauna invites youfor a relax ing moment. The sauna seats comfortably 5-7 people at a time. Why not host a small meeting  or a get-together at the sauna?

Jægern - Bar facilities

Jægern - Bar facilities

Check out the new bar facility! One of the nicest things we do is bring guests into the outdoors. In the beautiful Jægern you can relax in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee or a drink both summer and winter.

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Ordinære åpningstider kafe: 10.30 – 20.00

* ved frokostbord, halv eller hel pensjon åpner man klokken 08.00
* i periodene 08.10.18 – 15.11.18 og 05.01.19 – 08.02.19 er kafen stengt
* i perioden 16.11.18 – 24.12.18 har kafen åpent fredag, lørdag og søndag
* 1. juledag holdes det stengt
* åpningstider kan endres ved kurs, selskaper eller ved nærmere avtale

Ordinære åpningstider Nærbutikken Måsåplassen: 09.30 – 18.00
* fredager holder man åpent til klokken 21.00
* i periodene 08.10.18 – 24.12.18 og 05.01.19 – 08.02.19 holdes det åpent fredag, lørdag og søndag
* 1. juledag holder man stengt

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Tlf: +47995 39 110

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